Leuchte "Blomst"

Ceiling light “Blomst № 1”
From 248€ in our shop.

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MONASTINE is a personally-run lable based in Munich. We combine Danish design with German quality while producing lamps, interor, stationary and textiles. Since 2015 we design und produce earrings, eardrops, decoration objects and unique pictures up to premium lights. We use known and sustainable materials in a creative new way. And products with history get a new function as well. [more…]

—  Danish Design Made In Munich —


Leather Wristlets
For 35€ in our shop.


On display

You are in Munich and want to get to know our products? A small selection of our cards, earrings, necklaces, wristlets and plexi glas images is at display at Bodega Enlatado or at Rocket. Store now!

Earstuds "Blad No1"

Eardrops, – studs and -rings
From 22€ in our shop.

All design objects are going through our hands from the idea up to fabrication. Each object can be custom-made, based on your personal wishes. Get in contact with MONASTINE.

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